Your child is only as safe as the skills they have been taught and developed. The Aqua-Smart Foundation, believes that everyone should be equipped with knowledge and skills to understand the basics of water safety. Our WATER Safety Lessons are designed for children in daycare centers, schools and other educational facilities and can be scheduled with little to no cost at your facility.


This interactive water safety experience is ideal for children between the ages of three and eleven. The classes are focused on teaching:

  • The concept and the importance of water safety for kids
  • How to avoid potential dangers in and around the water
  • Different ways to handle water crisis situations
  • Water Safety Techniques

We provide every member of our audience with materials and other important information in our efforts to prevent water-related accidents.


Interested in a WATER Safety Lesson?


Our Youth Engagement and Leadership Program contains structured recreational activities aimed to promote positive development and awareness to our “Restless Youth”.


Engagement with others as part of a team or through group engaged activities, allows our youth to develop skills through social interactions, goal setting workshops, discipline reinforcement, developing emotional maturity, physical activity competence, and many other opportunities. As a recreational activity, group-oriented sport, and life skill, swimming has the potential to positively affect youth development in many different domains.


In an effort to improve every opportunity available to our youth, especially in the field of aquatics, The Aqua-Smart Foundation’s “Youth Engagement & Leadership Program” would aim to promote youth development through swimming and aquatics, which will create opportunities for positive development as well as unearthing latent talent.


The Aqua-Smart Foundation intends to work closer with swim schools and facility providers at various locations throughout Trinidad & Tobago. in order to strengthen this natural relationship and in so doing, would certainly improve the consistency and quality of water safety education that is delivered locally.


Participants would be introduced to the aquatic environment in a controlled and safe manner, where our trained and competent instructors will work with you and/or your child on developing important swimming and water safety skills.

Generally, children can be introduced to the water from as early as 4 months of age. From 6 months of age, infants can learn to become skilled in survival self-rescue lessons.


While water can be a medium which provides fun and excitement, it is also potentially dangerous and unfortunately, our drowning statistics reflect this terrible fact. Most drownings occur around the home, with almost half of these within home based pools. There has also been an increase in drownings within environments external to the home, such as ponds, drains, and rivers.


Inadequate supervision has been implicated in almost all childhood drownings world-wide. As children become mobile, they begin to explore their surroundings, however their sense of curiosity and adventure is not matched by an understanding of the possible risks and dangers that are present. Drowning is often silent, so unless the parent or caregiver is actively supervising, they may be unaware of the incident until it is too late.


Our education programs aim to improve understanding about water safety and the importance of active supervision or applying the “Buddy System”, so that we can reduce the incidence of drowning.