The Aqua-Smart Foundation is pleased to announce its partnership with Aquatica Survival Swim School. With a combined passion for sharing the joys of swimming in a safe and informed manner, our Foundation is confident that this alliance would continue to bring ongoing value through Scholarships, Sponsorships and Mentorship programs.


Aquatica Survival Swim School are the pioneers of Water Safety and Drowning Prevention in Trinidad & Tobago for the past 20 years, providing Internationally Certified Survival Swimming Techniques and Methodologies to individuals of all ages and abilities. Since inception, although these numbers cannot be successfully determined, thousands of competent and independent aquatic problem solvers have graduated. With dozens of documented reports of students falling-in and self-rescuing, families enjoying vacation time, together with the mental and social benefits, there is no doubt that lives have been positively impacted and saved in emergency situations with these life-saving skills. If you are not already taking swimming lessons at Aquatica Survival Swim School, we highly recommend them as your aquatic providers for your family.


We take pride in showcasing our partners and associates who are internationally trained and competent in their respective fields.  Each, eager to work with you and yours, to provide learning opportunities to potentially SAVE LIVES. 


  • Partner with us to increase our swimming population and reduce drowning statistics
  • Sponsor a child/adult in your community towards “learning to Swim”
  • Volunteer and become a valuable contributor to this worthy cause
  • Donate to make a difference in the lives of many.
  • Learn about Water Safety through our Courses or E-learning Modules
  • Sign-Up for our newsletter and keep up to date on safety tips


By engaging with The Aqua-Smart Foundation, you would be given access to the skills and know-how necessary, in order to create a positive Water Safety strategy for you, your family and friends as well as those within your communities through our “layers of Protection”button), as we join together on this shared mission of saving lives.

  • Did you know that drowning is the #1 cause of accidental death for children under 5?
  • It can happen in a moment.
  • Most of the time drowning does not look or sound like it does in the movies.
  • Most drownings occur during non-swim times.
  • Children drown in pools, bathtubs, rivers & ponds, even buckets.
  • Drowning doesn’t discriminate—it affects families at all levels of society.
  • Using multiple safety barriers and practicing certain behaviors will keep our kids safer.